C’était quoi ce titrre ?

Date Heure Artiste Titre
21.10.201406:21SHOOS OFFcaked (luv n' again)
21.10.201406:21JAMES BROWNget up offa that thing
21.10.201406:25THE DEREVOLUTIONSwhen the radio's gone
21.10.201406:26ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKIdebbie
21.10.201406:30BENJAMIN BOOKERhave you seen my son
21.10.201406:33RIPPLEi don't know what it is, but it sure is funky
21.10.201406:40THE BLACK KEYSweight of love
21.10.201406:45SOLANGE LA FRANGEgrind
21.10.201406:49JOHN FORTE, FIREHORSEyour traveling light
21.10.201406:56JOHN HOLTstrange things
21.10.201406:58CHARLES BRADLEY, MENAHAN STREET BANDwhere do we go from here
21.10.201407:01THE ORWELLSdirty sheets
21.10.201407:05CODY CHESNUTTthe seed
21.10.201407:09ARCTIC MONKEYSwhy'd you only call me when you're high
21.10.201407:12BLACK HARMONYdon't let it go to your head