C’était quoi ce titrre ?

Date Heure Artiste Titre
03.08.201511:34AMBASSADORSain't got the love (of one girl on my mind)
03.08.201511:37REPTILE YOUTHkeep on moving
03.08.201511:44BOB DYLAN, MARK RONSONmost likely you go your way
03.08.201511:48THE FRIGHTNRSi'd rather go blind
03.08.201511:54BAHAMAScaught me thinkin
03.08.201511:56DAS EFXthey want efx
03.08.201512:06GORILLAZ, ANDRE 3000, JAMES MURPHYdo ya thing
03.08.201512:18GORILLAZdirty harry
03.08.201512:23GORILLAZkids with guns
03.08.201512:27JACCO GARDNERfind yourself