C’était quoi ce titrre ?

Date Heure Artiste Titre
26.01.201520:21MARIE MADELEINEuseless
26.01.201520:25ZOMBIE ZOMBIEwhat's happening in the city
26.01.201520:33THE BEATLEShey bulldog
26.01.201520:36MARK BERUBEconfessions to a streetlight
26.01.201520:39FEISTwhen i was a young girl
26.01.201520:42NICK KLEINparalyzed
26.01.201520:45IRON AND WINElow light buddy of mine
26.01.201520:48TONY JOE WHITEstockholm blues
26.01.201520:51BARBAGALLOca, tu me
26.01.201520:55BUCKSHOT LEFONQUEmusic evolution
26.01.201520:59MODERATlet in the light
26.01.201521:03MIRROR SIGNAL20th century fix (warm weather)
26.01.201521:06ARCADE FIREkeep the car running
26.01.201521:09OWEN PALLETTin conflict
26.01.201521:14JOHN LEE HOOKERboom boom
26.01.201521:19TOOTS AND THE MAYTALS54-46 was my number