C’était quoi ce titrre ?

Date Heure Artiste Titre
21.12.201410:00I MONSTERthe blue wrath
21.12.201410:00FUTURE ISLANDS, BADBADNOTGOODseasons (waiting on you)
21.12.201410:03THE BROTHERS JOHNSONstrawberry letter 23
21.12.201410:07LESCOPla forêt
21.12.201410:10THE METERScissy strut
21.12.201410:13TY SEGALLthe clock
21.12.201410:16SBTRKT, DENAI MOOREthe light
21.12.201410:20FREDDIE CRUGER, ADLrunning from love
21.12.201410:24ICEAGEagainst the moon
21.12.201410:27THE HERBALISERsensual woman
21.12.201410:32IS TROPICALcrawl
21.12.201410:36JULIAN CASABLANCASout of the blue
21.12.201410:40SILK RHODESface 2 face
21.12.201410:42DEEP PURPLEblack night
21.12.201410:46BIGA RANX, TELLYparis is a bitch
21.12.201410:49MICHAEL KIWANUKAtell me a tale
21.12.201410:53GRAND NATIONALby the time i get home there won't be much of a place for me