C’était quoi ce titrre ?

Date Heure Artiste Titre
27.07.201602:46ARRESTED DEVELOPMENThoneymoon day
27.07.201602:46BJ THE CHICAGO KIDturnin' me up
27.07.201602:50HONEY FOR PETZImade of concrete
27.07.201602:53HORACE ANDYnatural mystic
27.07.201602:56JORJA SMITHwhere did i go
27.07.201603:00JAMIE XXfar nearer
27.07.201603:03LEISUREgot it bad
27.07.201603:06REVEREND AND THE MAKERSno wood just trees
27.07.201603:09AMATEUR BESTmarzipan
27.07.201603:13SLY AND THE FAMILY STONEcrossword puzzle
27.07.201603:16THE MYSTERY LIGHTSwhat happens when you turn the devil down
27.07.201603:20OWUSU AND HANNIBALblue jay
27.07.201603:23FILEWILEyou say i
27.07.201603:26NINA SIMONEsave me
27.07.201603:30METRONOMYold skool
27.07.201603:33HUEY PIANO SMITH & THE CLOWNSdon't you just know it
27.07.201603:39GRIZZLY BEARtwo weeks
27.07.201603:43DAFT PUNKfresh