C’était quoi ce titrre ?

Date Heure Artiste Titre
05.12.201613:28GABRIEL GARZON-MONTANOthe game
05.12.201613:24THE VELVET UNDERGROUNDsweet jane
05.12.201613:21SHAKA LOVELESS, SWEATSHOPthese be the lines
05.12.201613:17DAVID BOWIElet's dance
05.12.201613:14NICK WATERHOUSEit's time
05.12.201613:09MAVIS STAPLESdown in mississippi
05.12.201613:06BABXnaomi aime
05.12.201613:04THE BEATLESwe can work it out
05.12.201613:00SANDORbar de nuit
05.12.201612:56JAMES BROWNwake up and give yourself a chance to live
05.12.201612:52WILLIAM Z. VILLAINanybody gonna move
05.12.201612:48MARTINA TOPLEY BIRDcarnies
05.12.201612:44LO-FANGlight year
05.12.201612:40THE OLYMPIANSsirens of jupiter
05.12.201612:37BOB MARLEYjamming
05.12.201612:34JACCO GARDNERfind yourself
05.12.201612:30THE GLIMMERSphysical