C’était quoi ce titrre ?

Date Heure Artiste Titre
05.07.201518:35GUTSi want you tonight
05.07.201518:39MOCKYtomorrow maker
05.07.201518:42THE SHADOWSapache
05.07.201518:45THE ARCSstay in my corner
05.07.201518:48IRON AND WINEgrass widows
05.07.201518:51PORTISHEADonly you
05.07.201518:56STAND HIGH PATROLgambling johnny
05.07.201519:00NICK WATERHOUSElet it come down
05.07.201519:02KAZY LAMBISTdoing yoga
05.07.201519:07LLOYD NOLANi don't know about you
05.07.201519:09THE MOONLANDINGZsweet saturn mine
05.07.201519:13THE ROLLING STONESpoison ivy
05.07.201519:19RODRIGUEZheikki's suburbia bus tour
05.07.201519:22CHICO MANN, KENDRA MORRISsame old clown
05.07.201519:27QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEmake it wit chu
05.07.201519:32LA LUZcall me in the day
05.07.201519:35NINA SIMONEto love somebody