C’était quoi ce titrre ?

Date Heure Artiste Titre
26.11.201415:55MARIE MADELEINEuseless
26.11.201415:58BLACK IVORYsurrender
26.11.201416:03CHICAGOi'm a man
26.11.201416:06RICHARD HAWLEY AND THE DEATH RAMPSyou and i
26.11.201416:10THE HEAVYdignity
26.11.201416:13ROYAL BLOODfigure it out
26.11.201416:16THE STREETSfit but you know it
26.11.201416:21DE STAATdown town (vinticious version)
26.11.201416:26ACDCyou shook me all night long
26.11.201416:29THE VACCINESno hope
26.11.201416:33THE RAKESwe danced together
26.11.201416:42ALLAH-LAShad it all
26.11.201416:44FUNERAL SUITSblack lemonade