C’était quoi ce titrre ?

Date Heure Artiste Titre
22.11.201409:57ZIGGY MARLEYmake some music
22.11.201409:56CHINESE MANget up
22.11.201409:59THE VELVET UNDERGROUNDvenus in furs
22.11.201410:05LEON BRIDGEScoming home
22.11.201410:08SHAWN LEEhappiness
22.11.201410:12MARK BERUBEconfessions to a streetlight
22.11.201410:15KINDNESSgee up (erol alkan rework edit)
22.11.201410:22BOB DYLANman gave names to all the animals
22.11.201410:26CHILL BUMPnot today
22.11.201410:29THE DOORStouch me
22.11.201410:32TM JUKE, NAIMskin
22.11.201410:36HELEN MERRILLwhy don't you do right
22.11.201410:38CARIBOUback home
22.11.201410:42DON CAVALLIhere sat i (off jumps the don)
22.11.201410:45ELECTRIC GUESTthis head i hold
22.11.201410:48THE CLASHthe magnificent seven
22.11.201410:53ST. PAUL AND THE BROKEN BONEScall me