C’était quoi ce titrre ?

Date Heure Artiste Titre
24.04.201403:17JAMES BROWNdown and out in new york city
24.04.201403:17RED AXES, ABRAO LEVINpapa sooma
24.04.201403:20THE ZUTONShow does it feel
24.04.201403:24SYLVAN ESSOhey mami
24.04.201403:27GENERATIONALSwhen they fight, they fight
24.04.201403:30LA FEMMEoh baby doll
24.04.201403:33CHEERS ELEPHANTleaves
24.04.201403:37ZOMBIE NATIONtryouts
24.04.201403:41SHARON JONES AND THE DAP-KINGSyou'll be lonely
24.04.201403:44SERGE GAINSBOURGaeroplanes
24.04.201403:47TEMPLESthe golden throne
24.04.201403:50THE POETS OF RHYTHMmore mess on my thing
24.04.201403:54MARBERT ROCELlet's take off
24.04.201403:59TONY MIDDLETONparis blues
24.04.201404:01HIDDEN FEESso what
24.04.201404:05BOB MARLEYreaction
24.04.201404:08NICK WATERHOUSElet it come down
24.04.201404:10BEN HOWARDthe wolves
24.04.201404:13MOON BOUNCEshake