C’était quoi ce titrre ?

Date Heure Artiste Titre
19.04.201504:01THE DISTRICTS4th and roebling
19.04.201504:03DONNA REGINAwhy
19.04.201504:08KILL IT KIDpray on me
19.04.201504:11NICK HILLknow this
19.04.201504:15BITTY MCLEANwalk away from love
19.04.201504:19STEALING SHEEPapparition
19.04.201504:22THE MIGHTY HANNIBALthe right to love you
19.04.201504:25FYFEkeep it together
19.04.201504:28AVRILvelvet blues
19.04.201504:32TOBIAS JESSO JRcan we still be friends
19.04.201504:35THE ROOTS, MONSTERS OF FOLKdear god 2.0
19.04.201504:39BILL WITHERSuse me
19.04.201504:43DJANGO DJANGOfirst light
19.04.201504:46JOYA LANDISwhen the lights are low
19.04.201504:48BLUNDETTO, CLEMENT PETITlove me
19.04.201504:51BOBBY WOMACKwoman's gotta have it
19.04.201504:55TAME IMPALAremember me